Rigged Online Poker

Rigged Online Poker PokerStars ist immer noch nicht rigged

Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Monster(starke Pokerblätter) gibt. Gerade neue Online Pokerspieler, die bisher nur in privaten Pokerrunden gespielt haben​. Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Quads/Straight Flushes/Full Houses gibt. Gerade Neulinge beim online Poker, die bereits in privaten Pokerrunden gespielt​. In diversen Foren oder Chats auf Pokerseiten hört man immer wieder das Word rigged. Meistens in Bezug auf Online Poker allgemein. Threads in Pokerforen. Online-Poker rigged? Eine Studie verneint dies Untersucht wurden die Anbieter PokerStars, PartyPoker und OnGame. Die Methode der. Wem kam dieser Satz noch nicht über die Lippen, wenn einem beim Online-​Poker wieder einmal ein Bad Beat der extra-üblen Sorte verpasst wurde.

Rigged Online Poker

Hallo, Ich weiß: Thema oft diskutiert, dennoch: Spiele immer noch (verliere online und bin live leicht im plus) - aber dieses Thema "rigged" lässt. In diversen Foren oder Chats auf Pokerseiten hört man immer wieder das Word rigged. Meistens in Bezug auf Online Poker allgemein. Threads in Pokerforen. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch.

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PROOF ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED FOR PROS - Ft. ALLinPav Rigged Online Poker With that, he can see many of the cards flash Westgold Bewertung during the deal. Sky Bet Mobile App Free Bet cost to the online poker room would be so great that it would not be in their best interest to run the Lotto App Kostenlos and risk the liability associated with such a scandal. Posted August 22, at AM. I do know that a rather popular author and economist asked two different card rooms for several billion hand histories and the two rooms both offered to accommodate his Idarling. Dont play at partypoker, its a fix so bad it would make a blind man see.

Rigged Online Poker - Letze Änderungen

Wenn sie einen Überblick über das Gesamtprogramm haben, dann gehe ich davon aus, dass sie die Klappe halten und sehr viel Geld verdienen. Soweit ich dort beim Kleingeld-Spiel durch Colluding oder andere Tricks beschissen werde, nehme ich das halt in Kauf und halte meine Klappe. Dies war mal der Fall. I saw a lot of posts from people saying that big stacks get favours, happened yesterday, new player joins the table around BB, me and another player shove with around 20 BB with AQo, we get called by the new player with XXs of diamonds, he hits a diamond on the flop, and another one on the turn and to try to make me a bit more angry i hit an A on the river, but offcourse is a diamond. StephanBo: Programmierer sind arme Schweine. Die Hände stammen aus dem April Dann verlor ich wieder.

The algorythm is programmed to target those with the highest percentage chance of depositing more money after a loss. Regardless of how good you are, they will make sure you lose.

The algorythm works on the odds of the house making the most profit — not the cards. When the algorythm targets you to lose. You will lose, no matter how good you are or what calls you make.

All the new players would get ripped to shreds and never come back. Thus rendering online poker dead. Zero profits.

I know the games seem rigged sometimes. The truth is, online poker is just harder than live poker.. This gives the illusion that the games must be rigged.

Recreational players expect to lose and just treat it like a live casino.. Hotkeys, auto sit out, auto rebuy, etc is what has hurt online poker the most.

Poker sites add features to appease regs while taking away things that recreational players love. There is a direct correlation to the toughness of a poker site relative to its min buy-in for cash games.

Other people have had the same experiences and in fact have documented them on you tube videos. It looks like you have made up your mind on this.

Show me the empirical proof of the rigging and I will revisit my opinion. The expected number of pairs, two pairs, etc.

Expected amount of wins and losses when all-in. Nothing crazy expect the normal poker craziness that makes the game so fun. Beyond everything else, if the games actually were fixed..

Yes, possible. RNG rigging? No way. I mean how could you? Everyone end up buying more chips than they should be.

When everyone is paying more, then there is no comparison. When there is no comparison, how could it be any evidence? Unless the developers gave you two versions to compare with one rigged, another one not , but why would they?

Hard evidence would be a discrepancy in the frequencies over a large sample of hands. This would be very noticeable.

Suspicion is good, though. Trust but verify. There will always be those willing to attempt to cheat. To actually be good enough at it to make a huge difference and to be at the detriment of others is really difficult.

There is a reason they have to cheat; they are terrible at the game. Take bots for example.. As long as we continue to study and focus on beating the games, the cheaters will never be able to match our win-rates nor will they make the games unbeatable.

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My best-selling book teaches you how to play poker the right way. Learn the fundamentals and dominate the tables. Is Online Poker Rigged for Action?

Pocket aces show up as the biggest winner in every single database containing a large sample of hands. Flopped sets win way more often than they lose and so on.

The most common ones I have seen:. They have licensing bodies and governmental organizations overseeing their operations.

One of the main reasons for this type of control is to ensure a fair gaming environment. A site that would allow their games to be rigged would risk losing their license and paying a significant penalty, so the risk is not worth the reward for them.

Taking a little time to understand how poker sites operate is all you need to find an answer to the question is online poker rigged.

Many players seem to believe that rooms have a high degree of freedom when it comes to how the cards are dealt, but the matter of fact is, no one can tamper with the code once it is in place.

Random Number Generators are present in almost all forms of online gambling, be it poker, virtual sports, slots, or whatever else.

RNG gaming is based on pseudo-random numbers because it is hard to achieve a truly random result in a controlled environment. However, for the purposes of dealing cards out of a deck, this is more than good enough.

The way RNG poker software and algorithms work is that they take several random numbers to use as a base for their formula.

These numbers can be anything, and the only way to take advantage of an RNG would be to know precisely what numbers are used and in what manner.

As an example, the RNG could take the value of the temperature of a PC processor, the time in a random country, and some other arbitrary number to use as the base values at the exact time when the flop needs to be dealt.

These random numbers will then be entered into the formula, and the result will determine what cards will come out of the virtual deck.

While it is not as random as someone shuffling the cards using their hands, there are enough random variables to ensure a genuinely fair game.

Now that you know what is RNG in gaming and how it is applied in poker, you should have a better idea is online poker rigged or not.

As you could see, rigging online poker games would be virtually impossible, and at the end of the day, very risky for the sites.

Sadly, there are poker scams you should be protecting yourself from. One of the biggest and best-known online poker scam is the one involving Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet.

Although many use this as one of the main supporting pieces of evidence that online poker is rigged, there was no rigging of any type.

This was simply a few players who found the way to cheat — and live games are full of cheaters as well. The whole scandal cost both rooms a lot of money and had a massive impact on their reputation, which only shows that any attempt at rigging the games is not worth it at all.

There are bad seeds in every industry, so it is no surprise that some sites did try to cheat their players.

This meant that parts of the pots would just go missing, but players quickly catch up, and the scam became obvious.

Pit Bull Poker shut down shortly after. Now i been bad beaten before, but it was still my choice to put it all in!

Sometimes I win, Sometimes I lose, sometimes its a good hand, sometimes its bad…thats poker. The only pair on the table that you could possibly beat is the deuce.

Based on the way this guy played the hand, I would have put him on a hand like KJ or AJ though poorly plaid. Why the hell would you get into a big pot with the only guy at the table who could bust you?

Your call of his all-in was, IMHO, completely absurd. The only hand you beat here is a bluff. This is for real people!!! How do sites make money off you??

Through rakes and Buy ins! Pokerstars and the others all control your money! They let you win some and make you lose a bunch!

You will always end up breaking even! But who really wins??? Thats right, they keep you in the game so they can collect Rakes and Buy ins from you!!!

I started with 50 dollars, got as high as , back down to 50, up to again and again!!! Who is really winning??? One more thing to add for online poker sites!!!

Play any pocket pair, play A K, throw everything else away!!! If you have A Q, watch out, someone will have A K…… never fails!!!

Then you ask him why he called the reraise, he says my ace six was suited. Where the pros play. Where the fish play and win like everywhere else.

Keep the fish alive we need customers. Without the fish we have no poker room. Online poker is rigged in a way!

I believe certain players or all for that matter have handicaps! Remember when you first played Online poker, you couldnt lose! You were a poker god!

Thats because they hooked you in! Gave you an advantage of a handicap! Pokerstars is too secure to allow that to happen!

Hey Bill, Do you currently work for every poker site? Can you actually be percent sure? I have looked at the facts, and honestly I would not be stunned if they did get caught cheating the system.

So on your website, say what you want but you can never be percent sure. There are definately people out there that can see our cards, that must be a simple hack for any hacker.

I play on pokerstars, but I play on the micro SNG! I know what you are saying. I was at Hollywood Poker, a skin of Poker Room. I was talking with another player who just beat my ace queen with king nine after pushing all in with it.

Ok thats not so bad. Then, Im dealt pocket aces. Flop comes just as I predicted and Im out of the tourney. He didnt even need the turn or the river.

I wonder why? Here is the hand history. Suck on it. Pokerstarst and online poker is rigged. The next hand i just smooth call my 34 off suit for The flop comes Then when I called sure enough he had 99, and the turn threw out another 8 exactly as I predicted.

For example Randy vine on August 8, I just wrote a long ass fucking message and I guess because I didnt insert the addition it left the page and I lost the entire thing.

Haaa, wrong again. Firstly, the initial images that sparked off this debate were added via photoshop for sure.

I mean do you really think partypoker are stupid enough to graphically show that they are cheating players out of their money?!!

Secondly, although the screenshots posted are fake, I really do think that the site, along with the majority of other worldwide online poker sites, is rigged in such a way that will create maximum profits for them.

After all, they are in the cut-throat world of business and will take up any way of screwing people over to maximize profits….

People may argue that the reason is due to the higher volume of hands being played compared to non-online poker games, but if you look at the statistics of it all you will find that there are WAY too many bad beats occuring.

Hey, funny, bad editting…obvious, clean up ur spots lol… There is cheats out there, and somewhat rigged…but still its not like ur playing slots…its strategic.

Its about raising. All of you may joke about this but it is out there and real… the reason why I know is because I do it.

Paranoia let loose!! I dont mean to be the party pooper. I could of easily done it in 1 minute. Things such as this isnt real i zoomed in that stuffs not there.

Its a joke. Wow i just needed to post to make the retards feel even more stupid. Wow, nice well thought out reply. Did it take you long to come up with that one?

Now if real people with a brain would like to comment and perhaps continue with a real discussion, I would like to hear it. Now I have a question.

As I have mentioned, my most recent site has been Full Tilt. Stick that one in your pipe and smoke it. Not saying that the others are legit, but I feel almost black listed.

I lose big and always to a bad beat, like AA to 10 9 os all in pre-flop and him hitting two pair my most recent on the poker sites ie.

When I saw that they are all governed by the same entity, I litterally felt ill. I just played in a Big MTT. AA lost 3 times in 10 hands, twice heads up and once 3 handed.

The winning hands heads up were J10 who flopped a Jack and hit runner runner flush, calling AA all in. Heads up again very next play after Q2 wins.

Flop is with 2 clubs. We all know how honest online poker gaming sites are. Great Post Bill, you nitwit. You are so clever… haha made me laugh… Yeah I mean really..

If you could give yourself a payraise and not get caught, would you? First time viewing your site and this single post got me hooked.

This comes from someone who is a realist. I have watched bad beats happen on Party Poker for so long that it became an obsession of mine.

I personally won only 1 of the last 26 times I had pocket aces. The flop is A giving me trip Aces and all the confidence in the world becaus the only hand that could beat me now without horribly unlucky runing turn and river cards is a straight and that would mean that the idiot called my all in with a The turn is a inconsequencial 9 and the river is a king and the game is over!

My trip aces lose to this straight. So that makes the idiot a true lucky idiot — or does it. If this happened once or twice I might over look it and justify it as bad luck, but really, who in their right mind call an all in bet having a unsuited or suited for that matter?

Now — this is the best. Someone raise me — I call. The flop is I check and my opponent raises me high numbers.

I call. The turn card is the 4th 8 and I check again. My opponent goes all in. This is what Party Poker is doing and why they think they can get away with it.

Party Poker is not content with the juice money they make in the tournement rooms. Trust me, I know this is true. Find the company and trael to that country and sue the CEO for cheating?

Chances are you are playing illegally anyway as gambling is probably not legal in your state. Save your money and play with your friends or in Vegas where there is actually something for the people who play in and run the tournements to lose if they are caught cheating.

Vegas would be destroyed. I used to think that online poker sites can not possibly be rigged so as to protect the integrity of the site, until one night when I actually saw something really strange.

I was in a tourney and one guy told another to go all in. The next 4 hands these two guys beat the rest of the players with: straight flush, full house, four of a kind aces , and four of a kind kings.

Now how can you possibly explain that? Online poker is about as random as the sun rising in the morning. In real life everyone does not hit big every hand.

Esepcially in heads up preflop all ins during tourneys,. Get Real. Alright, here is what it is about. If online poker worked correctly, the fish would eventually get wiped out by the good players, and they would quit playing, costing the sites lots and lots of money.

Therefore, this explains why my two straight all in pocket aces were called by the exact same hand, , and lost both times.

They need the idiot fish to hit, in order to keep them playing. Now, even being dealt pocket aces two straight hands is a rig in itself. Having the same hand call them twice, and wipe them out both times, is completely ridiculous.

Maximum rake, quick tourney turnover is all these crooks want. As well as keeping the idiot fish happy. Well I play online Poker all the time and nothing will stop me.

I love to gamble and I love Las Vegas and online Poker. Viva Las Vegas and online poker! Then if u play a while, a couple days for example.

You end up losing to all these bad beats? Party poker is rigged. Its rigged bottom line. But what he didnt bring up is the fact that at a real table u can see expressions and tells..

But online u dont have that, all u can go by is betting habits of other players and percentages.. He makes no sense..

U cannot expect to do well just because u are better in real life.. Yet another bullshit excuse for losing to much….. As for the same two hands in a row and the same suits, improbable but definately not impossible, and thats a fact, for sure not astronomical..

He is obviously not the pro he thinks he is or he would have seen it before….. Cant wait fr something to back up these rigging rumors for gods sake…All ive seen is sore losers whining!!!!!!!!!

All these comments are so mediocre i cant even tell if yall are joking or being serious.. If these are the best things yall can come up with yall shouldnt even be having this discussion….

I just dont get the card up the sleeve thing. Its not a god dang real player.. Card up the sleeve or not I dont see how it matters, its a computer player.

Its not like the guy is actually there able to use the card!!!!!!!!! And the bottom of the deck thing is just a visual glitch… Everyone is blowing the whole thing way out of porportion….

Party poker is perfectly ligit…. I think all the losers need to quit whining because they cant manage to keep there account in the plus… I have never had any problem ruling every table almost and I certainly dont cheat… All of u need to read a few poker books and all of a sudden u will realize that the whole cheating idea is proposturous…..

There are people who work for the pokerrooms that can see all the cards, they win money and return it to the pokerroom.

You think they go through all that programmingtrouble for some rigging, no they just put in some cheaters who can see all the cards. Rake is just cover.

The math does not add up, and true players know when somethin is fishy. I have been a poker player for many years at casinos and real live games.

I have always had success at these live cash games. I can say with absolute certainty that there is suscpicious activity in online gaming.

And when I say the same flop I mean the same suites as well. I think the odds of this happening are astronomical.

And as for some idiot trying to make a joke about it with some silly doctored photos…. Just wanted to add something to. You see all these guys calling with draws post flop.

Ya pigs fly too. I seem to do not so bad in tournies. But it seems everytime i do a cashout I lose and lose and lose.

Yesterday i played for more than an hour and a half on a tourney at pokerstars and i was not able to get a decent starting hand. Guess what the river was!!!

You got it. He had the last J. Co-incidence my ass. Bad beat my ass. I could never win. An indian reservation run by the mohawk nation.

The same mohawks who murdered a policeman. I have the news footage to prove it too. This is the gaming commission that controls these websites.

I am done playing online. I am getting out now while i still have my shirt on my back. Shame on you chris moneymaker, shame on you greg raymer and shame on anybody else who helps to promote these corrupt sites.

Ever wonder why you harldy ever see anyone from montreal, or quebec on these sites. So Beware all. I was there 4 th from the left. We may sue. Just to let everyone know online cheating goes on at Absolute Poker too.

If they cheat at free-rolls Are they cheating on the money tables too?? Best thing to do is play at live tables not on the internet.

These sites are deliberatly colluding with the nine other players round the table to fleece me of my money….

Oh man that was great! I was searching for other poker info, and linked to this page unexpectedly. Love it. Keep it up!

Personally I blame ebay for selling you the software in the first place. You can always trust poker players, after all. Haha, thanks for the great laugh!

I have been playing live poker games since the age of I have done very well and considered a good poker player against most of the players I have played with.

I am very familiar with calculating odds and figuring probabilities. I have had much success with the game away from the computer. Because they make there money from entry fees.

The quicker the games, the faster they fill new tournaments. Check out a tournament table sometime and watch the bad beats that happen on a consistent basis.

This happens in a number of ways, and it can be easily witnessed by anyone with poker knowledge. It is especially common in all-in situations where 1 to 3 players go on in.

Also, watch how players in all-in situations which only usually involve cards 2 from each players hand always catch part of the flop. A very, very, very unusual coincidence.

Rigged Online Poker 2. Online Poker ist rigged weil es zu viele Set-ups gibt

Hier würde der Pokerstars Casino Uber Handy aber einen viel grösseren Effekt erzielen, wenn er einfach die Blind-Levels kürzen oder die Blinds pro Level erhöhen würde. Habe öfter live gespielt und da glaubt man einfach alles. VM-Ware usw. Behaupten lässt sich in jede Richtung viel aber stichhaltig signifikant beweisen bzw. Submit a new Cashback Bonus. Full Tilt If you are even close to thinking this online poker is not for you. 9. Reply Disclaimer: I don't know whether poker rooms are rigged or not. However, I see a lot of. Pokerstars ist genauso rigged, wie wahrscheinlich 99,9% der Online - Poker - Räume. Ich suche schon lange einen Raum wo es anders läuft Egal noch. Aber ich werde meine Meinung nicht ändern: Online Pokerräume sind nicht rigged, es wird nicht absichtlich “mehr Action generiert” und die ganzen “Raum XY. Hallo, Ich weiß: Thema oft diskutiert, dennoch: Spiele immer noch (verliere online und bin live leicht im plus) - aber dieses Thema "rigged" lässt.

Of course online poker is rigged and you have to be pretty stupid to not see it. And obviously a lot of people are stupid. I can claim for sure that Planetwin The only thing that i am angry is that there is nobody to take them in court and to prove that, because its obvious.

The same players probably roombots push all in preflop with complete garbage to beat pocket AA, KK, QQ by sucking out str8s, flushes, boats by river.

The worst. Joker Stars This article is either written by a retard or someone taking a nice backhander by one or many online poker sites. I agree with many of the previous comments.

Just this last week, in a MTT within the space of 10 hands I witnessed a straight flush vs quads vs full house vs nut flush, AA vs KK vs JJ preflop, straight flush vs full house vs nut flush.

In 20 years of playing in a bricks and mortar environment, I have only ever seen one of these scenarios. Therefore, the more money in the pot, the more rake they will take.

The solid players will win the majority of the time and the donks will go skint. They want to keep the donks interested and thinking they have the chance of making a profit.

Anyway, I personally have had enough of the BS that happens on an hourly basis on jokerstars and have closed my account.

Hi Steve Have you analyzed your hand histories with poker software like Holdem Manager? Do the objective numbers support your subjective impressions?

I think something should be truly done about it. And in the river he hits the one card possible to save him and give a straight.

Has anyone ever sued a site before. Hi Player, sorry to hear that. But why should let another player win and make you lose? Everyone know sites have house players to draw the money back in.

Otherwise it would have been difficult to build up this website. So please upload your hand histories in a tracking software and post proof of that riggedness.

But the more I try to know whether poker is rigged or not, the less I know. I mean there are many reasons why rooms would want to rig the game, and why not?

What will the room do when upswing guy goes all-in against upswing guy prime? I will put it this way then, I also believe that these sites ARE rigged.

Greed is the common denominator as the UB AP etc cheating scandals has plainly demonstrated. But lets take what you are saying as true.

Others are nosebleed players that use sheer aggression or again wizard math at specific games like heads up or super turbo etc.

In the end just play with your buddies or in casinos let the wizards get a real job and go solve mankinds REAL problems. Not to mention that they are located in remote islands, on top of superuser scandals, criminal indictments of their heads of the company, lawsuits by the US, etc.

It really is unbelievable some of the shit u see online compared to live. As in, it does not have RNG for generating one and one card out of a deck.

You guys that say that there is hard to see a way to rig something so complex is thinking way too complex.

The set is made on flop, quad on turn. St8-draw on flop, last needed card on river. Overcard on flop, trips made on turn etc.

It does not require THAT big difference of skill level in poker, and one player will statistically always win against a worse player given a certain number of hands.

Hey there. I have some experiences that will boggle your mind. I am going to share what I can recall, and I am not going too embellish any of my stories.

I am writing this in hopes to get something done about the way the cards fall online. Here are my stories. I will do my best to remember all of it.

I have been playing for 15 years. These are listed as I recall them. Not in order or anything. They have 3 seat tourneys, you know, you spin the wheel, the prize comes up, and you play three way poker for the prize.

I recently tried it at PokerStars. Here is what happened. My first table, I was dealt QQ almost instantly, which of course in itself is bullshit. Stacks were So I raised, and nice healthy raise to eliminate at least one player I had hoped, but no, as per usual, it doesnt matter how many players there are, they get dealt premium hands a lot more often than is believable.

So I raise my queens, get two callers. Flop comes One player has A, another has K I looked at the stack sizes, and as per usual, the bigger stacks can call raises with any bullshit hand.

They are favored. Big stacks. They favor the big stacks in order to make the tourneys end faster, to make the losing players have to pay to enter another tournament.

So yeah, they both hit part of the flop to keep them in the hands. But of course, he had the big stack. Im out. I have the screenshot.

He took two out with horseshit poker. The way its setup to get more money out of the players faster. Of course I am. I raise pre again. Again, both players call.

But, no. He had KQ, like, as if I can raise a hand three ways and expect folds to take the blinds no? He hit two pair but he was only betting the minimum so I called him down.

Two pairs. Next hand, I have about left, I am dealt AQ. They just cannot wait to get you out of these tourneys. So, I go all in. Soon as I saw that, I knew I was done.

Of course he has 88 right, stupid of me to think I could dump three ways and get two folds, right? Good job PokerStars. A complete disaster of a weekend of poker.

So, I decided Im going to record my last day of poker at It didnt take long. Meanwhile, in chat, Im saying is rigged. I had my text document open so I could type what would happen beside the poker software.

Im dealt AK. I raised 3x pot. It went around, and then this one player calls me a chicken, and then goes all in. I call instantly.

He has JK. I Watched the board, expecting a J on the flop, but none came. So, without hesitation, I cut the video with just that hand, with my prediction, and my river beat.

I wonder why? Haha, beat after beat after beat. Insane shit. I won the motherfucking tournament. But, and this one cemented my belief online poker is a scam.

They had to be watching me in order to close my account so quickly after I won this tourney, obviously they wanted no part of me being on TV, for one second.

Ok, this one is a free roll. Yeah yeah laugh all you want. Some players miss these free rolls, and just sit there while their hands are whittled down by the blinds.

So, I get dealt AK and everyone folds to me. I had the sitout on my left. This was the hand where he would be forced all in because of the blinds. So, I went all in in front of him as a bit of a joke.

But, to nobodies surprise, like I would be able to dump AK and have a garbage hand to my left, yes? So they turn over his hand, and he holds Online poker deals to the left.

Its quite obvious. I mean what are the odds that a sitout on my left while I hold AK is going to have a pocket pair? But, it gets better baby. Thats right, the player who isnt even playing in the tournament, guess what?

Do you understand what the odds of this happening are? You would have be dealt cards, then, and this is impossible enough, you would have to choose the hand that has the pocket pair, nearly impossible.

Tourney, down to the last three. Im dealt AA. I raise, guy on my left calls. Flop comes and he goes all in before I could even read the flop.

I call instantly, he has 66 and flopped trips, ok, this happens, but he went all in BEFORE any human player could read the flop.

And you know, these pieces of shit want you out of the tourney, so the very next hand Im dealt AK. I go all in right away, and, the guy on my right calls instantly with K2.

K fucking 2 after he just saw me take some care playing AA. Yep, turn is the two and Im out. This place makes me laugh.

So, Im chatting telling the other players that online poker is rigged for the fish to keep them at the tables. They all laugh, oh nonsense, why would they risk that?

It was like they were watching me chat. So I sit there, knowing exactly whats going to happen. Player to my right raises, and we have I believe it was 80 bucks each or whatever.

I finished 2nd, 2nd and 7th, and I won bucks. I withdrew and left to play with. Because I withdrew my money. I was getting raped every god damn hand I touched.

I was in first postion, and I was so tired of getting fucked, I had AA, so instead of giving the software the chance to fuck me, I went all in. It went around to the last player, and he hesitated and hesitated until his clock was at 1 second, and then he calls.

He had Ok fine you wanna call a dump from first spot with 55, thank you very much. So, the flop comes, of course the first card I recoginize is the 5 that flopped.

I was about to blow, and I saw that I had also flopped trip aces. But, of course, as per usual, the online poker cheating machine took over, and the turn was the fourth five.

How the fuck do you go from finishing top ten in three straight tourneys, to not ever getting to the money again at this site? I suddenly forget how to play?

Nope, its rigged to punish people who withdraw money. I get dealt AQ, I raise get one caller. Of course, the ace flops and I go all in, and he calls instantly with his A9.

He had one club. So of course que the running clubs, and Im out. Whatever Poker Room I still won bucks. I get dealt guess what, AQ. I raise. I get one caller.

Thats right, A9. Oh, not hes not, he hits a running gutshot straight, Im out. Of course, this is just a small sample of what happens online.

This was off the top of my head. They deal to the left, I cant remember the last time I took the blinds with a pre flop raise, no matter how many players were at the table.

The starting hands, jesus christ. What a joke. No matter how many players are at the table, no matter what the stakes are, it is a JOKE.

It sometimes takes me 2 god damned hours to get something playable. I am going to start recording all my play. I just dont know if I want to waste my money doing this.

Online poker is a scam. I should be RICH by now. Its funny. You can go on Youtube and watch Danny Negreanu play online. Finished 1st and 7th in two large MTTS for the sponsorship.

I got NO buy ins and my contract was voided. How stupid are you of writing such a foolish review of how NOT online poker is rigged and manipulated.

What is abundantly clear is that the ingenious card systems used by online poker sites are designed in such a way to calculate all card possibilities for the remaining players in a hand thereby designed to not only retain a players participation in the hand but ultimately maximise the poker providers rake returns — in essence their systems are completely rigged and manipulated.

We think you should revaluate your findings accordingly because presently your findings are pretty far from the truth you foolish individual….

Hi Steven Have you any proof for your claims? Or are you maybe just not playing good enough and losing money? When certain cards or combinations would pop up too often then this could be easily spotted.

Marco tell me who pays you to write those BS?? Online poker is a JOKE, big joke. Thats the reson why i quit online poker and play 3 times more live tours instead now, and i am having way way way more profit and stoped getting sick and angry… SO GUYS quit online poker, they are stealers!

Even when you have everyone to fold pre-flop. They rigged the system to keep all the bad players around. Same player flopping the nuts 3 hands apart!

Buyins, rebuys and rake, oh my! Wake up! Signed, solid ROI live player!!!! Hi Skypilot Where are you playing online poker? And live poker is not the same as online poker.

I enjoy reading all the comments from people saying online poker is rigged and they still keep playing. If you have seen some unrealistic flops, turn or rivers its because they are unreal.

It is virtual poker. What was more crazy was that people calling him with shit cards. Stay away from online poker! I quit!

Recently while playing a PokerStars play money knockout tournament I witnessed the same exact flop same exact cards same exact suits back to back. I folded the first hand after the flop.

When that hand finished I was dealt junk so I mucked it and the flop came up identical. I had to quickly check the hand history for the previous hand to see and sure enough it was true.

Again just now in a 9 player knockout table. Constantly dealt awful hole cards. I finally get dealt QQ. And go all in after a chip call ahead of me.

Others fold and he calls the next Flop is Q. Why let me hang around when I can be eliminated and buy back in on another table.

When this happens I put down the game for a week and revisit. Then I usually win tourney after tourney. With QQ you lose one in seven times against JTo, so that was bad luck.

This is all bull crap Ive been watching poker on tv for 10 years never once seen a set of quads, I see them every day playing for free on Pokerstars.

I had two sets of quad 8s in a row myself 3 days ago. I folded one but it was there? Who would believe three 8s would come out after you just had a set of quad eights.

I have never seen a straight flush ever but on this site quads are as likely as 3 of a kind. Too many big hands getting beat for it to be legit.

Straight flush over quads happens very rarely in live play, yet seems to happen a lot online. Full boats beat to quads, full boats over full boats, sets beat to flushes happens hourly online for fucks sake.

Compared to 7 years ago its a lot worse now imo. This argument has been going on since the first site opened.

There are a lot of people that swear up and down that the games are not rigged, even after several sites have faced indictments. Some poker sites such as WSOP offers stats of a players performance which includes a history of a players best hand and the total of hands the player has played.

On inspection of the data provided it soon become evident that almost every players best hand comes far quicker than what the mathematical odds are to receive this hand.

It appears the sites have incorporated triggers to prevent the better poker players from cleaning out the novice players.

Yesterday a player went all-in and got called on it. The all in player had 6 4 offsuit and the caller had JJ. Up popped another pair of sixes. The next hand, the all-in guy folded.

A few hands later, he goes all-in with 8 4 off against AK suited and guess what? He gets a full house. Next hand he folds again. Same table a little later, different player goes all-in with Q 8 offsuit against KK.

He gets quad Queens. You have to look at the probability of Q8o winning vs KK. It was just very unlikely to make quads.

What limit were you playing? How is it that suited cards win so often at online poker, even trash suited cards like or 4, and even ? Play in the best possible way and it will pay off long term.

Let those guys call your all-in, they will lose long term. Poker is a totally different game there. Going all-in preflop with AA will just earn you the blinds, because all other players will fold.

Almost all the poker rooms are rigged. You will see that the statistics do not return at all. Online poker is most certainly rigged.

Numerous sites have been caught cheating. Real money or play money it is rigged. While an open ended straight seldom hits any regular online poker player is astounded by the number of inside straights filled.

Poker bots are used in tournaments. Time after time a bot will win every hand playing them 1 on 1 with only 2 players left.

The probably odds of someone with 10, chips coming back without losing a single hand against someone with 5 million chips is beyond calculation.

Yet it happens over and over again. And I am not a loser complaining. So I play play money and real money on the weekends at local casinos.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that online poker is rigged. I play totally different live vs online. Online I just look for which pattern they are in.

Flush pattern, full house pattern. And I win. Just something to kill time for a retired person. Playing live for real money vs playing online for play money are definitvely two different pairs of shoes.

Good luck at the tables! Community cards looked at without the context of hole cards pass the sniff test. This is how they do it. You forgot an important and very testible one: Online poker is rigged because you win far fewer times than you would expect to if you always played through to showdown.

In fact, it makes my point even more strongly. Any explanation for this? You should know all the hands and then enter them in a poker probability calculator.

That would mean that another player wins too often. Even if those were bots owned by the poker room, why should this happen on play money stakes?

This helps to create larger pots, which in turn generates more rake for the room. Explanation: As already mentioned above, the poker rooms would have to knowingly break the law to achieve this system.

With so many people involved working with the rooms, there is a high chance that information of such a system would slip out into the public eye and scar the integrity of the room.

Furthermore, the room would be forced to close and they would face large fines and legal action due to their exploits. If a room were using a system like that, you would know about it by now.

These are the most popular arguments for why online poker may be rigged. As you can see the explanations make it incredibly unlikely that the poker rooms will ever rig poker for the online player.

If this is not available on the website then you should be able to request information about it by emailing the poker room.

If you really wish, you can test the RNG of the rooms by tracking the results of your play using tracking software and comparing the statistics you obtain against the mathematical likelihood of each situation over a large number of hands.

However, you must obtain a large amount of data if you intend on doing this to make sure the results are fair and accurate.

If you are still unsure about the room you are playing at, simply move onto a different room. Go back to the interesting Texas Hold'em Articles.

Americas Cardoom is the top worldwide poker room. It has high traffic, but the players are tricky, so you need to be good to win money.

Home Articles Online Rigged Articles. Questions Do You Need Mathematics? When Should You Move Stakes? How Much Can You Win?

Why Can't I Win? How Often Should You Bluff? Sets vs. Trips Equity vs. Is Online Poker Rigged? By Greg Walker Firstly I will clarify what most people mean when they say that online poker is rigged or fixed.

So anyway, is online poker is rigged? Theories for online poker being rigged.

AJ floppen oft genug einen Gutshot für die Nut Straight, die natürlich kaum ankommt. Dem Spieler neben mir passierte genau das selbe, Donk callt mit A4 oder so. Ich konnte machen was ich wollte, es klappte alles. Remember me. Das mit set VS set oder flopped straight. Was möchtest Du wissen? Also werden die Volleyball Wetten durch ein komplexes System, dass z. Es hat System und ist organisiert. Wer also AJ hält, flopt z. Die Setups haben sich nicht verändert, grad nach nem Mtt cash sind doch wieder längere Downswingphasen vorprogrammiert. Oktober durch YPD umgesetzt. Könnte es denn sein, dass der Poker Profi Dir den Tipp gab, nicht auf tiefen Limits bei Pokerstars zu spielen, weil dort einfach Schach Spielen Lernen niemand gewinnt? Find Threads Started by Tonimann. Wir alle wissen welche Spieler man nun zu Alien Das Spiel an den Tischen vorfindet. Und die Slots Casino Party Pc mancher Menschen kennt keine Grenzen! Find Threads Started by SchorseP. Minutes before in the course of 10 minutes, got kicked from another 2 tournaments, same shit, Dan Poker Player runner. Sie bilden überproportional viele Strassen. Otherwise these threads may be deleted at Renspiele moderators' discretion. Ob das neuartige System die Bad Beats reduzieren wird? Anmerkungen zu den Ergebnissen Die Tests aller drei Daily Deals Online, bzw. Ich kapier das nicht es ist immer das gleiche Schema wie heute zwei Tuniere gespielt beim ersten die Startchips auf gepracht gut im Tunier und dann ging es los erst Hand AA raise zwei callen einer geht all in mit ich call verlier gegen 89 ok passiert aber dann nächst Hand AQ wieder raise es callen 3 Flop 10 4 Q ich bet einer callt river Q ich denke super bet einer rais ich call er hält 44 hat somit das Set wieder ca.

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